Were you born to
like we were?
We are the TOTAL PACKAGE of tools, support, and training you need to make sure your dream becomes an aMAZing legacy, like ours will be.
We're taking applications NOW! Find out in just 2 days if you're accepted for this exclusive, unique program. Jump on a call and we can ask each other the questions we need answers to. This might be just what you've been looking for.
Our Creatrix® Transformologist® course is for women who KNOW their purpose is to help other women because they do it naturally anyway

Do you want to be part of something GLOBAL that will mark history AND propel your dream into reality in the fastest most successful way possible? 

If so,THIS is the Program for YOU!
Imagine Being Able to Build a LEGACY Through Setting Women Free of Their Deepest Emotional and Mental Blocks, FAST... 
Using 1 PROCESS for ALL Issues. GUARANTEED! And a SYSTEM as easy to follow as a grade 5 colour by number book!
Creatrix® is our signature process that is making waves across the globe. 
Creatrix® is a groundbreaking transformational process - designed exclusively for women according to the psychology of what happens in a real life wake up call, but without the traumatic event that usually triggers it.  - that obliterates self-sabotage, feelings of failure or hopelessness, hurts from past negative experiences, and any self doubt or limiting beliefs. It even has the power to heal PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

What is a Transformologist®? It's an entire training built on the principles of what MUST OCCUR not just within the client, but the facilitator and the right set of circumstances to be able to GUARANTEE, WITH 100% ACCURACY YOUR CLIENT'S OUTCOME!
We need like minded women OF INTEGRITY to join us in our mission to set 10 million hearts free. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to!
If you are in the business of empowering women and want to impact MORE people and make MORE money, this program is the opportunity of a lifetime.
If it sounds too good to be true, stop asking your 'head' and ask your gut if it's right, because a woman's head is what fuels her limits and blocks her god given opportunities. 
What Do Past Graduates Say About Our Program?
Hurry - Positions are limited and seats FILL FAST! Every successful applicant only shares her entire experience with no more than 19 other people so we can help each of you individually!
Check out what some of our students have gone on to do...
What Makes This Program So Unique?
  •  TRANSFORMOLOGY® does! This is the ONLY teachings where you can learn what causes 100% of female clients to get 100% GUARANTEED results! THIS EXISTS NO WHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET!
  • ​There's nothing else like Creatrix® on the PLANET either because it's the tool that evolved from Transformology® so you will be leading with a world-first process that very few people have the privilege of using THAT GUARANTEES the client she gets results.
  • You get to experience the power of Creatrix® for yourself FIRST so that you are burnout-proof and ready to empower others without any of your own blocks in the way
  • You will learn a tool that is formulated specifically FOR women, BY a woman - exclusively for the female brain!
  • Certification is SUPER FAST after you've completed the course, so you can make money ASAP
  • You get to experience deeply rewarding, heart-felt fulfilment when you get immediate, lasting results with Creatrix®
Do Any of These Sound Like You?
  •  You feel a deep sense of purpose when it comes to helping women to heal, transform or grow in some way
  • You long to help your female clients in a truly PROFOUND, fast and guaranteed way.
  • You're already an amazing coach/therapist/healer/mentor who is GREAT at your craft – but frustrated at the methodologies you are currently using to break women through their emotional pain because they aren't LASTING and effortless for you to deliver.
  • ​YOU LOVE the idea of not having to create something from scratch, so you can hit the ground running, all in a neat little package where you use ONE tool for ALL issues and everything you need in the way of support and tools is all inclusive.
  • You know you have your own issues that need to be cleared before you can truly and authentically empower others (without feeling like you're a fraud!) and you're READY to ditch them.
  • Your current empowerment business isn't going how you dreamt it could be. You want to be free to focus on helping more people.
The Creatrix® Transformologist® Program is for every woman who already has/is launching a career in the empowerment industry and wants to START NOW not later. It's for those who want to change women's lives in a profound and LASTING way… AND earn a good income doing something they LOVE.
How Would Your Life and Business Look WITHOUT These Sabotaging Blocks?
Below are the most common 'blocks' we see in women in this industry that take them down- the ones we blast you through as a part of our Creatrix® Transformologist® Program!
  • BLOCKS AROUND MONEY AND ABUNDANCE - Lack mindset when it comes to abundance in your bank account OR your business.
  • NOT GOOD ENOUGH - This is a big issue, even more so for women that dims our light, keeps us small and suppressed. This is the opposite of living to your potential.
  • FEAR OF FAILURE​- It's part of life, yet it stops women stepping out.
  • FEAR OF SUCCESS - YES, for most women this is a BIG one. After all, standing out, standing up and speaking up and BEING SEEN are the opposite of what we've been programmed to do over time. This stops us saying 'pick me' and so we lose out, again and again wondering why. THIS IS WHY.
  • FEAR OF REJECTION - This suppresses your voice. Of course you will be rejected, daily in fact, at different stages of your cycle also so the last thing you want to be doing is feeling or dreading the old stab in the guts every time you ask for the sale or say your price. We females take this too far in business and it really does get in the way of our success progress.
  • COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS - It's hard enough maintaining self belief let alone comparing ourselves to others we see as more successful, further along, prettier, smarter, etc.
  • FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN - It can be scary not knowing that we'll be ok to pay the bills next week, BUT the fear itself can CAUSE the lack. We need to get rid of this 'abundance block'.
  • RESENTMENT - OMG! IT TURNS OUT THIS IS THE BIGGEST BLOCK TO MONEY. Why would you be given it if you resent it or those you will have to give it to???
  • OVERWHELM ("IT'S TOO HARD") - This one is the biggest reason we procrastinate till we give up. We need to have you resilient, strong and able to cope. We must calm your adrenals and not have you sweating the small stuff. It's not worth it. 
  • FEAR OF JUDGEMENT - This one is a biggy for women. Feeling that you are being judged by others is a HUGE hinderance your success and happiness.
  • PUTTING YOURSELF LOW IN IMPORTANCE - YOU are the pillar of the household. YOU must fill your cup always, to be emotionally and mentally healthy. IT'S OK! It's YOUR time now, to allow the fruits of your dreams to become reality. If you do not put yourself first, no one else will.
  • NOT TRUSTING YOURSELF & YOUR GUT INSTINCT - Second guessing is another of our curses that kills us from making decisions. Sorry to tell you but business is simply a whole bunch of micro and macro decision making. You must be able to back yourself or why bother.
  • GUILT - One of the most crippling killers of the woman's voice. This one emotion has zero benefits to your happiness and kindness. It is NOT a moral compass. you don't need one.
  • HURT - This is so rooted at the base of most of our anger, rage and masculine emotions. Hurt people can hurt people without realising it. 
  • BURDENED BY RESPONSIBILITY - We discovered almost all women had this built up inside of them. Add business responsibility to mummy responsibility and for all the other roles we play in life and you BURN OUT. We can't have that because you need to actualise your dream.
  • HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT - Arrrr, ladies we are forever wanting to get things right so we can be validated that we are a 'good girl'. It's called good girl syndrome and it's not your fault but it's built in us to be 'good' and so we take that to mean we must be perfect. Good is good enough.
  • UNDESERVING - This one can be a double edged sword. There's 2 sides to this. We must be careful we don't over balance you and bring on entitlement. We are careful in how we clear this one to ensure you 'expect' success rather than feel it's owed to you or that you are not worthy.
  • TAKING THINGS PERSONALLY - This can be a HUGE block to your success as it can cause you to not take action or to wallow in your emotions.
IF you think it's too good to be true - IT'S NOT it's VERY real, ask our converted industry professionals who are now Transformologists themselves!

Creatrix® cleans out your natural BS radar by removing the 'rust' from your gut instinct antenna so you can live more fully and experience a new level of success in your business. The decisions you make will pan out much better when you navigate them from your natural GPS system - your GUT.

Creatrix® is the way of the future to RAPIDLY turn things around, bringing profound emotional and mental intelligence. And what a BEAUTIFUL gift to be able to offer to others when you become a Creatrix® Transformologist®!
What Does a Physician Say About Creatrix®?
  • You are in the business of empowering women for a living, but you feel deep down that you need to heal, transform or grow in some way.
  •  You want more clients but your energy isn't attracting the numbers OR clients you desire.
  •  You understand the importance of being "cleaned out" and burnout-proof in order to authentically help others.
  •  You may already have success in your business​ but you are stressed, burnt out and your business is sucking you dry of your precious energy.
  • You sometimes feel like a fraud because you try to empower or help women who are struggling mentally/emotionally, yet you have your own issues that haunt you.
  • You know that the female mind works very differently to the male mind and you would like to understand the psychology and science behind helping FEMALES.
  • You find that the methods you are currently using don't last  - your clients keep coming back with the same issues and you are NOT OK with that. You want a modality that truly lasts.
Get your interview out of the way and find out why this is the last (or one and only) Program you will EVER NEED to be able to empower women with little to no investment beyond our program!
A Transformational Coach After Attending the Creatrix® Transformologist® Program:
What Do Dutch Therapists Say About the Creatrix® Transformologist® Program?

Want results like this for YOURSELF?

Imagine being able to work to your own utmost potential AND to set other women free to do the same?
The Creatrix® Transformologist® Program is broken up into 2 Tiers: 

TIER 1 is all about YOU - understanding your own unique design as a woman and TRANSFORMING YOURSELF as you blast through your deepest sabotaging beliefs and blocks with Creatrix®.

TIER 2 is all about training you to become a Creatrix® Transformologist® so that you can facilitate this incredible process for others in a way that guarantees outcomes and use it to build a rewarding and lasting legacy - not just a business.
Weekly online modules with tasks and lessons to ensure you have the deepest, most profound Creatrix® Experience.

Creatrix® requires you to be in full acknowledgement of which blocks are sabotaging you for the best outcome. We want results that LAST. You have a mission to get on with.
Performed 1:1 with a licensed Creatrix® Transformologist via Zoom or Skype to clear the sabotage and rid you of the 18 biggest blocks we mentioned earlier.

We will unblock you and bring you strength, clarity and freedom to be able to now get on with pursuing your dream business.
So you can become burn-out proof and able to tune in to your intuition with clarity. We teach you when NOT to do certain activities and what to do instead to ensure your BUSINESS FLOWS in sync with your flow as a woman. 

We can achieve the same as our male counterparts, however to get there we need to do it in alignment with how we are designed biologically, spiritually and psychologically.
You will now have a clear mind but what are you going to do with that quiet, calm space we have created in your mind? 

At this stage of the Program it's vital to create the habit of purposely CHOOSING what you feed into that most precious space for ongoing fulfilment and joy in your life as well as success in your business.
Not only through your online modules, but also through a Facebook group lead by Maz Schirmer and some of her best Transformologists.

At this stage of the Program it's vital to create the habit of purposely CHOOSING what you feed into that most precious space for ongoing fulfilment and joy in your life as well as success in your business.
that lead to rapid improvements so your unconscious mind gets the message that you mean real business!

Our Diamond League Club members get to join a Facebook group exclusively for women who have experienced Creatrix®. It's a space for movers and shakers who have a mutual understanding and respect for the incredibly unique transformations they have each undertaken. 

Led by Maz Schirmer and her 'diamond team', this group will have you consistently inspired, educated and supported with ongoing coaching included. 

If you love it, you can then choose to continue your subscription and receive ongoing quarterly or monthly Creatrix® sessions to ensure you can constantly blast through any glass ceilings you come up against!
(This is the ONLY training Maz Schirmer does personally anymore) To prepare you for becoming a Creatrix® Transformologist®, so that you are better able to understand the process and why it works on such a deep level.
To gain hands on experience learning the incredible tool that is Creatrix®. Experience deeper breakthroughs of your own and be the facilitator as your peers breakthrough their deeper issues. This will give you a taste of the deep satisfaction that comes from guiding someone through a life-altering transformation.
You'll be assigned your very own licensed Creatrix® Transformologist® who will guide, train and assess you towards becoming one yourself. This will be done via video calls with practise sessions, coaching and mentoring.
The license includes: 
  •  Joining a group of like-minded, empowered women from your industry - all who have been through the same transformation that you have and who are also part of the greater mission to set 10 million hearts free.
  • Access to an online business program by Maz Schirmer - ​Maz's complete step-by-step guide on how to build trust with your ideal client and get you on the right track with your business. This course give you priceless insights from a woman who has built numerous million dollar legacies through empowering others..
  • ​​Access to templates that show you how to create workshops, marketing material and freebies that work in sync to attract your ideal client. 
  • Opportunity to attend our annual conference - Packed with education and inspiration among food, laughs and fun!
  • Continued online coaching by Maz Schirmer and her best Transformologists - via our exclusive Facebook group.
  • Monthly personal Creatrix® session to help you blast through any glass ceilings you might hit.
  • Practise Creatrix® sessions amongst your peers.
Option to opt-out after 60 days if you are not COMPLETELY convinced that this is THE course that you have been searching for! 
We give you up until the 3rd module of Tier 2 to decide whether you want to go on to become a Creatrix® Transformologist®. 

If you don't believe that becoming a Transformologist® will lead to unreal success and fulfilment through empowering women, we'll return the cost of the Tier 2 training to you!
Want to learn more, including the price and how to apply and possibly enrol?
Rezza was a Life Coach who felt like a fraud because secretly, she felt insecure and unworthy. 
She knew she couldn't be effective in her work if she remained as she was
"How can I help others feel confidence... when I'm not even confident about myself?" Rezza
This is Rezza before, and then 16 months after her Creatrix® Success Program...
This could be YOU! 
Jump on a call to learn more about the programs and how to apply.
  • Become RESILIENT AND BURNOUT PROOF so you can do your BEST work empowering other women
  •  Experience a PROFOUND TRANSFORMATION as we set your heart free of the unhealed pains that feeds into your self esteem, confidence and ultimately your work
  •  Discover how to burst through TO YOUR NEXT LEVEL for more clients so that you can help MORE people
  •  Learn how to run your business IN FLOW WITH YOUR NATURAL DESIGN AS A FEMALE, in connection with your body and soul and working with your natural flow rather than going against it. You’ll learn when to do what types of business activities and when NOT to – this is something that no one else teaches women and yet it is so important!
  •  Gain MORE CONFIDENCE in yourself as an individual which enhances ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE. Women don't have life in many compartment's, we have just a few.
  •  Discover the freedom to be your AUTHENTIC SELF at home and in business. Isn’t it exhausting having to be “on” all the time just to keep up appearances?
  •  Learn how to find more ease and flow in all aspects of your life
  •  Discover MORE HARMONY in your life: Better balance between your home and business life
  •  Let go of the stress and OVERWHELM that comes with all the “have to’s” and “should’s”. This helps give you the power to switch off and rejuvenate regularly
  •  Be able to confidently MAKE DECISIONS according to what’s important to YOU, not what’s “expected” by everyone else
  •  Become the CREATOR OF YOUR DAY-TO-DAY life experience: Learn how to create your life, your lifestyle and your legacy YOUR way
  •  UNDERSTAND YOURSELF better so you can help OTHERS understand THEMSELVES better
  •  Know how to do the RIGHT THINGS AT THE RIGHT TIME according to YOUR unique make up as an individual and a woman
  •  STOP COMPARING YOURSELF and worrying what other people think (or might think) about you and really KNOW IN YOUR GUT (not just in your head) that you actually ARE GOOD ENOUGH
  •  CREATE MORE TIME to focus on what’s important in YOUR life without having to constantly work on yourself, doing the same thing over and over again… who has time for that?!
  •  Become the best version of yourself and find true fulfilment in life
  •  SIDE BONUS: 7/10 of you that are in relationships will feel more liberated in the bedroom, which seeps into your overall health, happiness AND your business success
  •  Be a part of an empowered group of like-minded women in the empowerment industry and form network connections and friendships that will last a lifetime
  • Become the ROLE MODEL you want to be for your kids AND the 8000 other people we women influence throughout our lifetime, aside from your clients. “What you do speaks so loudly they cannot hear what you say” as the saying goes
  • Take ownership of the choices and actions you make in life to create a BETTER life for you and the people you love
  • ​LEARN POWERFUL TOOLS to keep you moving forward so you have the confidence and ability to get out of your own sh#t – the definition of true empowerment
  • ​Learn how to quickly recognise when you’re going off track so you can get back on it before you go too far down the rabbit hole and create more problems for yourself
  • ​Be free to constantly move forward by smashing through any new blocks or glass ceilings as they arise, so that you never have anything in your way to success
  • ​Finally BANISH that constant negative HEAD CHATTER! You get to experience the peace and quiet that we all strive for, without having to meditate (you’ll finally understand what it’s like for a man to literally be thinking about nothing!)
If you're SERIOUS about setting women's hearts and minds FREE and have been seeking the 'missing piece' and ready to do something about it, then WE NEED TO SPEAK!
Become a Creatrix® Transformologist®
Maybe you are like Dawn, and you know that there is just SOMETHING holding you back from achieving 100% in your business?
Dawn felt like she was going to "bust" with anger, frustration and anxiety. It was getting her nowhere in her business, OR her personal life for that matter.

We checked back in with her 12 months after we found the root cause and put her through the Creatrix® experience. You can actually SEE the peace and calm in her face when she speaks about her "post-Creatrix®" life!
Enjoying life on the other side of those pesky, useless "blocks" that are stopping you from showing up properly for yourself, your family, your clients.
Allyson's Case Study
Allyson is a Counsellor and NLP Practitioner who struggled with fear of rejection, unworthiness and feeling not good enough. 9 months later and her life and business is now at a whole new level! 
Are you ready to do what Allyson did and shift your life and business to the next level, in a BIG way with Creatrix®?!
Do you feel like you just can't get the breakthroughs that you need?
You keep experiencing the same issues, despite the work that you do on yourself.

Your CLIENTS keep experiencing the same issues, despite the work you do on them.

You've had enough - you need something that LASTS.

 Not just for your clients, but for YOU as well.
After completing the Creatrix® Transformologist® Program, you will have EVERYTHING that you need to break through your OWN "stuff" once and for all and to facilitate powerful and lasting transformations in others. It doesn't get better than that!

Are you ready to become resilient, burnout-proof and "cleaned out", completely ready to authentically be the best influencer you can in life and business, AS A ROLE model of what's possible? You must be ready to be empowered BY US so you can empower others.
Catherine's Case Study
Catherine - a business owner in the Allied Health industry - had an inability to love herself. She battled guilt, fear and sadness and it was affecting her ability to succeed in her business and show up as her best self for her patients. 

We checked back in with her 8 months after her Creatrix® experience as a part of the Program...
We all have our demons, but when we work in the empowerment industry it's SO IMPORTANT that we defeat them so that we can authentically show others that they can do the same! 
As WOMEN we are wired differently to men, so we need different solutions for our CLIENTS A.N.D. for US to succeed WHILE staying not just SANE but happily FULFILLED, recognised and financially rewarded. 
Does this sound familiar?
You've been teaching friends, clients and colleagues to think positively, optimistically, set goals and targets, strategies, set plan B’s in place and YET STILL they don’t follow through consistently. 

In fact a LACK OF CONSISTENCY and MOTIVATION is a very common problem for women but what if knew, THERE'S A BETTER WAY FOR US CHICKS....

We're told it’s mindset that matters most but for us women it’s actually ‘heartset’ as we carry so much more in our hearts than our male counterparts do!

We women are emotional beings and ‘heartset’ totally overrides the mindset for most of us. 

We bet you already know this... you can feel it in your gut that it's true!
The thing that makes our Programs different!
You probably know DEEP DOWN that what sits beneath most women's issues is NOT FEELING 'ENOUGH'. Not good enough, not smart enough, not 'whatever the f' enough. But what if it's been inherited and deeply ingrained from what our gender has suffered in the way of suppression?

For our female clients, there are patterns of the HEART that must be broken, not just patterns of the mind. YOU are female, a leader to the little ones in your families and communities and businesses. Through our Creatrix® Success Program we teach you the female factor difference, so that you can better understand YOURSELF. You can then pass your knowledge on to your own clients, friends, daughters and even sons. BUT IT STARTS WITH YOU so WE START WITH YOU TOO!

Our teachings are 100% formulated FOR women, BY a woman. And that's what makes them so powerfully unique!
More Amazing Case Studies...
Megan Stephenson
After a long-term struggle with loneliness and disconnected relationships, see how Megan has changed 14 months after her Creatrix® experience...
Jenny Penfold
Jenny had a crippling fear of rejection, she was angry and just felt like she "couldn't pull it off." Check out how things have changed for her 3 months after Creatrix®...

Imagine being able to get out of your own way, once and for all?!
We want to make you UNSTOPPABLE in your empowerment business.
Maz has had an incredible career spanning the last 23 years. She went from an unemployed check out operator who lived in hiding as a scared, insecure mother of 4 children to becoming a confident leader of women in a fortune 500 company. She rose to #1 in 10 countries, breaking 43-year Australian records at the time. Now with 3 successful enterprises, she has proven that her FEMALE SUCCESS formula works both for the clients and for her Transformologists.

After more than 10 years of incredible success travelling the globe training leaders, Maz became obsessed with understanding why women were not rising beyond a certain level and not able to achieve their dreams as she herself had done despite her adversity. She’s a professed “research junkie,” having spent more than 13,000 hours gorging herself on analysing ‘behind the scenes’ of the female mind and psychology to bring us all long-lasting, female-formulated solutions that WORK. She continually passes on her own discoveries and ‘learnings’ as a successful executive leader of women.

Maz now shows thousands of ordinary women how to achieve the life, lifestyle and legacy of their dreams with more than 200 licensed CREATRIX® TRANSFORMOLOGISTS in countries around the world.
Maz is on a mission to set 10 million hearts free around the globe, and she wants YOU to be a part of it!


"I approach everything now head on and with more confidence than ever before! I discovered that the real me, the one without all the Baggage, can be really funny and to have that lightness of soul feels incredible. The best thing is my level of creativity! I am even amazed at the stuff I am producing now and it just comes to me with so much ease! I LOVE a challenge, even more so since attending the Level 1 Experience! I certainly got my flow back!!" --

Founder of Empowerment for the Woman’s Soul & Video Editor/Designer


"I would seriously recommend anyone feeling like they put on a mask to cover how they really feel, anyone who has stuff going on that holds them back and is having trouble coping. Anyone who feels there might just be an easier way to enjoy life to see Maz, her CREATRIX® process has forever changed the way I think of myself and I am SO grateful, as is my family! I know I am a better mother and a better person now and that’s what I wanted from this." 



"It was Divine intervention that led me to stumble across your Facebook page a year ago. Not only was I searching for the missing link to my personal growth, I was definitely trying to find a way to turn passion to income. And then magic happened. I met you. Thank you Maz for the incredible opportunity of being a “clean” healer. So many healers in this world are so in need of their own healing. " 

Our incredible programs fill up quickly, so schedule an interview with one of our amazing ladies today.
We would be SO HONOURED to have you join us on our mission should you be accepted!
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