Get Accredited to Deliver The Ultimate Women's
Self Development Program for Guaranteed, Fast, 
Irreversible Transformations. 

The Proof's in The Pudding as You Can See Below....

Meet the Woman Who Created This Unique Program, Maz Schirmer.

COMPILATION of industry professionals, share the Creatrix® difference.

"It ticked all of my boxes. I didn't just want to help them cope, I wanted them to feel free."

"WINNER! Most INNOVATIVE Female Personal Development Program 2023". 

"There's no way I could have believed I could have done this ... It's just brilliant"

"Watching someone else let their stuff go ... gosh that's great."

"I've studied for 10 years and haven't seen this kind of sh*t happen like that"

"When I did what Maz taught me, it worked. Everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur is there! "

IMPACT DOCUMENTARY Premier. Maz interviewed by Movie Directors who called it the most transformational breakthrough of the entire documentary.

"One of my dreams was having a successful business, and I'm doing that AND I'm helping women"

Master NLP Practitioner & TimeLine Therapist REVIEWS Creatrix

A Clinical Psychologist REVIEWS Creatrix

Counsellor & Psychologist REVIEWS Creatrix

"For 9 months I've had client after client and they're all referrals."

"It's truly revolutionary when it comes to what the old paradigms are still trying to push."

"She's like an energiser bunny .... like she was 30 years ago when I first met her."

"This has given me so much more than what I was even entertaining."

"This course will change your life ... it changed my life"

"I feel like I've found my soul sisters"

What do each of these women have in common? 
They followed their gut and booked in a call with one of our program advisors - JUST LIKE YOU have!
 They took a leap of faith and invested in themselves, their future and the future of women everywhere to learn how to facilitator the ONLY FEMALE-DESIGNED method that can offer GUARANTEED RESULTS for WOMEN!

9/10 ANXIETY gone in under 30 mins

Witness "Behind the Scenes" of a Creatrix Session

Life Coach felt DISEMPOWERED and INCONGRUENT before Creatrix

Imagine getting RESULTS like these ... that YOU CAN GUARANTEE! 

Chrissy was so Scared of Confrontation, she couldn't say "No"

Shame was stopping Gillian from being a role model to her daughter

"I fear living my life but then fear holds me back from living my life."

"There's a lot of pain, anger, frustration ... and it's confronting me everyday"

Grief and Shame overshadowed Julie's life, always feeling Not Good Enough

Lil felt like a Fraud and worried that people wouldn't like her

"I feel like I have so many masks on ... I'm not living the life I want."

"I've always felt worthless and not worthy of love and affection"

"I feel like I'm Not Good Enough. It affects my life so much."

Yes ... but does it LAST?
See what these women have to say, YEARS AFTER having Creatrix®!


Maria felt like she was "just existing and not participating" in her life

Ari would get caught up in a "cycle" that led to self-criticism

Helen had an INTENSE Fear of Being Seen

Dawn was always "rushing", then fears and worry would come in ...

Michelle felt Over-Sensitive and Needy and would often Over-React

This could be YOU! Setting Hearts Fee - FAST, PAINLESSLY and FOR GOOD!

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